You like cosplaying, do you? Or simplier, want to know every thing that make up the whole uniforms? I'm trying to do that!
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Ah, scarves! Probably one of the pieces I prefer of the whole uniform: long, warm and very brilliants, including their house patch. Students are most seen wearing them in cold days, with a cap of the same colours.
Scarves seem to be knitted, and differ from house to house, according to each colours: Gryffindor has red/gold, Slythering green/silver, etc.


Ties are those things just for men, perfect for women. Ties are worn over shirts, under sweaters, and are the thing which let the uniform differentiate from other houses: since the sweaters are almost the same.
Both boys and girls wear ties. They are mostly striped, featuring each house's colours, and sometimes may include the badge.