Have you ever dressed with... Hogwarts themed dresses? Or maybe have one? Let us tell your story, send me a mail here with something about your pieces, and if you have some, a photo! I'll type that here.


I have to admit: I've a mum-knitted Gryffindor colours scarf! My mum knitted that to me when I was a child, and in Harry Potter mood! I used to play imaging me as Hermione and wearing black-old cloaks as Hogwarts ones and using twigs as wands; I was a much dreamer girl, and I'm not in any way ashamed of my childhood. So, my mum knitted that, and I was very very happy. After growing, I changed kinds of interests, but the HP-love remain, because I used to read books often. I thought that this scarf was still lovely, because of his shining colours, and because you can't find many love-knitted scarf today so it's special, then there weren't any HP symbols, so I'm continuing to wear that! It doesn't matter if someone says "haha it seems HP!", I really love this piece at all.