Before joining, you should read these rules, yes, you may say "but are always the same", but you never know, aye :)

#1. You must know and be a fan of Hogwarts clothes! No matter if you love Gryffindors or Ravenclaws, just love them! <3 Do not join only for increasing your joined listings number!

#2. If you own a website or a collective, is highly appreciated a link back to this fanlisting, but not necessary.

#3. You can join with your name (i.e. Anne, Luna, Harry, Bonnie, etc.), or your nickname (Hees, Fleew, Maygirl, Peach, etc.), but please do definitely not join with ".*o*o_eMo_NuVy_*o*." and similar, please.

#4 .Do not join with porn/xxx/drugs/illegal related sites, you will be listed without it.

#5. No hotlinking codes and everything hotlinkable. And no steal the layout!


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