when you choose to be an actor

Arr, mateys! I am very proud to introduce you Wildflower, the only one approved at The Fanlistings Network fanlisting for the beautiful and amazingly talented actress Olivia J. Wilde! Being approved for this fanlisting is a very big honour for me, so if you love this fabulous actress as much as I do, join our list of fans! <3

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you are going against the odds

September 11, 2010: Three-I-say-THREE new sets of codes featuring some of Olivia's last photoshoots! :D I especially love the one with the flower <3

December 25th, 2009: YEAH, this fanlisting has its four legs to stand at last! :D It still lacks some minor pages, but I think I'll make them before the day is over ;3 And, Merry Christmas, everyone and Olivia too <333.