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Yay for new affiliates! :D If you want to be one, contact me with this form! Fanlistings/websites related to Castle, its actors and other police shows/characters/whatever

 Castle 2x06 Vampire Weekend  Castle: Alexis Castle  Castle: Kate Beckett  Castle: Kevin Ryan  Castle: Rick Castle  Castle: Rick Castle and Alexis Castle  Castle: Rick Castle and Kate Beckett  Javier Esposito and Lanie Parish 


This layout was made by me, Berta with Adobe Photoshop 9 (CS2), Wordpad & MS Frontpage 2oo3; Images and screenshots for layout and codes taken from teh awesome Castle Media and got by me.
Textures and resources are from ~liminalstate and disparue, while that egg-thing is from Stock.xchng.
All other graphic resources can be found here.