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Hi, folks. This is where this poor excuse of a geek (aka ME) stores all her joined fanlistings! Navigation is made easy through the bulleted list below. (Note I'm still in the process of reorganizing stuff and delete old links)

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2006 FIFA World Cup:   Ace Attorney Investigations (Gyakuten Kenji):   Ace Attorney Investigations (Gyakuten Kenji): Kay Faraday (Ichijo Mikumo):   Adobe Imageready:   Cory (   Dissidia Final Fantasy:   Fabio Cannavaro:   Final Fantasy IX: Blank:   Final Fantasy IX: Freya Crescent:   Final Fantasy IX: Zidane Tribal and Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (Dagger):   Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core: Angeal Hewley:   Final Fantasy XII: Rasler Heios Nabradia:   Final Fantasy XII: Vaan & Balthier:   Final Fantasy XII: Vaan & Penelo:   Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi:   Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi: Clarine:   Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi: Lilina:   Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi: Lleu:   Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi: Miledy:   Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi: Roy:   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Elincia:   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Mist:   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Rolf:   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Shinon:   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Tanith:   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Tibarn:   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Titania:   Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Akatsuki no Megami):   Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: Edward:   Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: Micaiah:   Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken: Eliwood:   Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken: Farina:   Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken: Nino:   Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken: Raven (Leyvan):   Fraise (   Golden Sun: Garet:   Golden Sun: Piers:   Golden Sun: Sheba:   Klonoa: Klonoa:   Kya (,,,   Minesweeper:   Misfits:   Nicole (   Numb3rs:   Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Mia Fey (Ayasato Chihiro) and Diego Armando (Kaminogi Souryuu):   Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright (Naruhodou Ryuuichi) and Maya Fey (Ayasato Mayoi):   Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright (Naruhodou Ryuuichi) and Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji):   Playstation 2:   Professor Layton and the Diabolical box:   Shifaa (,   Soundtrack: Golden Sun: The Lost Age:   The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass:   The Sims 2 Pets:   The Sims 2 Seasons:   Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria:   Wendy (   

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