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Hi, folks. This is where this poor excuse of a geek (aka ME) stores all her joined fanlistings! Navigation is made easy through the bulleted list below. (Note I'm still in the process of reorganizing stuff and delete old links)

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Apple juice:   Baci Perugina:   Cherries:   Chestnuts:   Chip cookies:   Chupa Chups:   Coca-Cola/Coke:   Coffee:   Doughnuts/Donuts:   Ferrero Rocher:   French food:   Honey:   Italian food:   Kinder Bueno:   Lemons:   Lindt chocolate:   Mandarins:   Mars:   Marshmallows:   Mayonnaise:   Olives: Black:   Onion Rings:   Panna Cotta:   Pesto sauce:   Pizza:   Strawberries:   Tiramisu:   Truffles:   

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