Okay let's jo...JUST A MOMENT. Before read these simply shorty rules...

#1 You must know who is Gigi Buffon! If you don't, there are no reasons because you're here.

#2 If you own a website, a link back is highly appreciated.

#3 Absolutely no hotlinking: it steals my web band! You can host it on your domain, or on Photobucket &

#4 Joining with porn/racism/xxx/illegal related is not allowed. You will be listed without it.

#5 Absolutely not allowed join with names like "xXx_EmONuVy_xXx" or ".+**+.FaShIoNGiRlY.+**+." please. PLEASE.

#6 Okay, NOW ready join


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Welcome to Sabrina!
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