Curse ya for breathin', ya slack-jawed idiot!

Arr, mateys! You just reached Master Gibbs!, the only approved & listed fanlisting at The Fanlistings Network for Jack's first mate, Joshamee Gibbs from Pirates of the Caribbean series :D!
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20th October 2008

I had my act for this fanlisting is completely ruining this character, and it be not fair. So! I re-done all the codes, and added more, added higher-quality caps, added preview icons, added CodeSort, and more! <3!

08th August 2008

Fixed code issues: now this fanlisting is HTML & CSS valid, and Firefox-suitable :)

30th August 2008

Aye, approved at TFL! :D

17th August 2008

Ahoy. Fanlisting finally open. I'm going to ask the approvation on TFL (: The layout is not that-great, but it's simply and I like it.

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