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Arr, mateys! You just reached Always there, the only approved & listed fanlisting at The Fanlistings Network for one of the best goalie ever: Edwin van der Sar! aye!
If you are a fan of this dutch goalkeeper, ye are highly encouraged to join our fans list! <3
Many many thanks go to Dees, who let me adopt this! Thank ye ♥


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29th December 2009: Edwin is going to stop playing to stay with his wife, said to have brain hemorrhage and collapsed some days ago; Ferguson said "I have told Edwin to stay over there. There is no point in him being here. The best thing is for him to be with his wife. Hopefully she will make a good recovery." :( I totally agree with him, we just hope Annemarie can recover and feel better :(

15th October 2oo8: Aye! The Moved Form has just been approved, so now is listed at TFL! <3