we're naught but humble pirates

Arr, mateys! You just reached Humble Pirate, the only approved & listed fanlisting at The Fanlistings Network for Captain Hector Barbossa, that leading pirate from one of the best series ever, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy! If you are a fan of this "typical" but original character (if ye watch a film just to see his scenes with Jack, arr <3) ye highly encouraged to join our fans list! <3
Lots, lots and lots of thanks have to go to Courtney for have let me adopt this, thank. you. so. much. <3


previous owners:
courtney and akasha
Last updated on
02nd July 2017
when Riho, and Gabby joined.
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April 15, 2009: Barbossa is as witty as I am lazy. Boo, this layout is simple, but I like it :D